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3 min readApr 7, 2021
  • First KPA(Korean Polkadot Alliance) Online Panel Discussion

April 1st2021(UTC+8), KPA(Korean Polkadot Alliance) held their first online panel discussion on ZOOM and YouTube Live Stream, also broadcasted by Bilibili. The discussion members were from famous Polkadot Ecosystem Projects like Darwinia, Parity, SORAMITSU, and RAI Finance. The discussion attracted over 1000 audience, peak concurrent audience reached 800 and received over 100 community members’ questions. It has become one of the most popular online blockchain activities with the highest audience number.

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During the discussion, Bree Yin, CMO of Darwinia, first pointed out that thanks to Chinese Polkadot ambassadors/influencers’ active avocation, the Polkadot community in China is continuously heating up. Bree also disclosed their parachain auction plan, to go for KUSAMA first and then for Polkadot. The plan is unique in that they will combine NFTs with native tokens RING to reward users, including coming NFT drop activities. Darwinia has joined Rococo as parachain, making Darwinia an excellent option to support in the parachain auction. About the importance of Bridge, Bree thinks while Bridge is playing a critical role in Polkadot Ecosystem, and Darwinia expects to Bridge more blockchain ecosystems and help more projects to join Polkadot.

Eric Wang, Ecosystem Development Lead of Parity, introduced Parity’s vision, which is to build the blockchain infrastructure of Web 3.0, and Parity Bridge, the solution Parity is working on, will be used to link Polkadot. Eric also shared with us some trends he has seen in Polkadot Ecosystem and the blockchain world: Parity is becoming a builder in a wilder disparate district; a higher share of application developers as opposed to chain and ecosystem component developers; a rise of NFT related chains and applications in a broader community blockchain community; the rise of polka native yield farming.

Makoto Takemiya, CEO of SORAMITSU, shared with us the development of Polkadot from the Japanese community’s view. The Japanese community talks more about technology and the possibilities rather than price. “Once DOT and KSM get listed in Japan, it will be much easier to build big Polkadot communities around.” Makoto Takemiya introduced their strategy about the parachain auction to use the reserves kusama and dot tokens in the token bonding curve of absorbing to collateralize the XOR token fully. Also, Makoto Takemiya explained the strategy and vision for SORA and the use of XOR. The vision of sora is to create a decentralized world economic system, an existing allocative system to allocate newly minted tokens to producers. XOR is used to pay transaction fees like gas. It is used as the interlingua between different pairs. It is a useful token that can facilitate exchange and also prevent the network from being dosed.

Kevin Lee, CEO of RAI Finance, thinks it is precious to hear about how the Polkadot ecosystem is addressed in other markets. The community in Korea concentrates more on new crypto trading than the project and technology building actual products on Polkadot.” “RAI’s general strategy is a soft landing”. Said Kevin. They would like to minimize the opportunity cost and have a conservative approach to the parachain auction. Along with the listing in centralized exchanges, RAI will move the codebase from EVM (solidity) to substrate. So they are trying to be more explored how the number of parachain slots will be opening in the fourth quarter of 2021.

From the discussion, we can see that the four members from different Polkadot ecosystem projects all think highly of Polkadot’s continuous flourishment and believe in the potential of Polkadot.

KPA(Korean Polkadot Alliance) is a non-profit organization consisted of leading Polkadot ecosystem projects and teams. KPA is established to boost the long-term development of Polkadot in Korea. With the first-panel discussion’s success, KPA will keep holding online communications every month to discuss the Polkadot ecosystem’s development. We also welcome more Polkadot projects, developers, and agencies to join us in KPA!

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Korean Polkadot Alliance

Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate the development of the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea.