The Korean Polkadot Alliance (KPA) Welcomes Four New Members

Korean Polkadot Alliance
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


Since announcing the formation of the Korean Polkadot Alliance (KPA) earlier this month, we have garnered a lot of interest from the global blockchain community and several organizations have applied to join. We are excited to welcome Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP), Piction Network (PXL), Umbrella Network (UMB), and Kryptos Capital as the latest members of our ecosystem.

The Korean Polkadot Alliance is a non-profit consortium of industry-leading projects that include Polkadot-based cross-chain protocol RAI Finance, synthetic asset issuance platform Standard Tokenization Protocol, and leading Korean blockchain community Cobak. They are joined by prominent Asia-based cryptofunds NGC Ventures and GBIC.

KPA’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the development of the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea. The exciting addition of these new partners to our ecosystem will provide all members of our organization with support in the fields of security, NFT product development, and off-chain data fields.

Further to our mission of incubating a better Korean Polkadot ecosystem, our future plans include bidding for a parachain slot on Polkadot and facilitating Parachain Lease Offerings (PLOs) by helping members to prepare for the parachain auction process. We will organize talks, discussions, meetups, and other events focused specifically around the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea.

We encourage blockchain projects, teams, and developers who are building on the Polkadot network to join us on our mission! We also happily welcome international projects and teams who are currently looking to tap into the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea.

About Decentralized Vulnerability Platform

DVP endeavors to establish an anonymous security crowd-testing community through blockchain technology using a core concept of vulnerability mining.

Committed to solving the security crisis of blockchain enterprises, DVP builds a bridge for all community participants, including vendors, security agencies, and white hats. DVP aims to minimize the risk of vulnerability exposure and safeguard the blockchain ecosystem at the lowest possible cost.

About Piction Network

PXL is the leading marketplace and ecosystem for NFT goods in Korea. Its platform facilitates the issuance and trading of digital cartoons, dramas, movies, games, and music. The platform has established partnerships with Klaytn, Axie Infinity, PICA, Cross, Flitto, Sandbox Network, and Coinplug and has a network of 35 million users.

About Umbrella Network

UMB is a decentralized oracle service with the scale and security that modern DeFi applications require. Its goal is to bring big data from different sources to blockchain applications in a secure, cost-effective manner. UMB’s data is updated frequently, so users have access to the latest information.

About Kryptos Capital

Kryptos Capital is a self-supporting crypto investment management firm teamed with highly experienced investors and asset managers from top exchanges. Kryptos has already amassed 30 million US dollars under management.

As a patient capital firm, Kryptos Capital is expert in discovering the most disruptive and influential technologies in the blockchain industry. It provides these projects with liquidity, funds, technology, operations support, and an international community in order to support mutual growth.

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Korean Polkadot Alliance

Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate the development of the Polkadot ecosystem in Korea.